Five Reasons to Use an Insurance Broker

There are some jobs that are better handled by professionals, such as fixing your car or making major renovations to your home. Insurance is one of the most important items in your life and should also be handled by a professional. An insurance broker knows that the average person’s insurance needs do not fit easily into the checkboxes of an online form and handles all aspects of your insurance coverage as you would expect them to – professionally and by putting your interests first.

1. An insurance broker gives you choice and options

Insurance brokers are trained experts in insurance. Since their business depends on getting the best results for their clients, they only choose to work with insurance companies who treat their clients well through the entire relationship. Having a number of pre-selected companies to choose from is a huge advantage for the consumer; you’ll always get exactly what you’re looking for in a policy from an insurance broker. Plus, you know that the broker has claims experience with all of the insurance companies they deal with; they won’t recommend a company that doesn’t pay out claims fairly when they happen.

2. An insurance broker makes getting insurance easy

An insurance broker can find you the right policy while you are using your precious time to work or spend time with your family and friends. They have excellent relationships with some of Canada’s top insurance providers and can often find the exact coverage you need in the fraction of the time it would take you to do the same job.

3. An insurance broker advocates for you in the event of a claim

While there are many advantages to having an insurance broker on your team when you are initially shopping for insurance, their greatest value shines through if you ever have to make a claim. They are your partner through the claim process and will continually follow up with the company to ensure that the claim is moving along. Most importantly, they will act as your advocate if there is a problem with a claim. Everyone who files a claim has a problem that creates stress – your broker is there to minimize that stress as much as possible.

4. An insurance broker takes the time to get to know you

Insurance policies should be customized to each individual, and there is nobody who can do that for you better than a broker. If you are a hobby photographer, you may have thousands of dollars worth of equipment that a usual home insurance policy won’t cover. If you have a valuable engagement ring, your contents insurance may not provide enough in the jewelry category to cover it. Your broker will make sure you have the right coverage for everything, and will always be there for you if you have questions about anything.

5. An insurance broker is involved in your community

Local insurance brokers support community organizations, charities, sports teams and more. Kennedy Insurance has a 100-year history of being a supporting member of the North Bay community. We’ve been there for the good times and helped businesses and families make it through the bad with personal and committed service.

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