Save on Your Dental Bills and Keep Staff Smiling With the Chambers Plan

Dental bills can be daunting even without a family. But if you have kids, the regular checkups and, in some cases, orthodontic work can really start to add up. These costs can be prohibitive for small business owners with unpredictable cash flow, and can mean a major financial hit for your employees that will add to their overall stress levels. The Chambers Plan takes the pain out of going to the dentist by offering as much or as little coverage as you need for your business.

With dental insurance, you and your staff no longer have to sweat every time your kids go to the dentist. Most dentists will bill the Plan directly so you or your employees are almost never out of pocket, and the costs are predictable, affordable, and customizable with the Chambers Plan.

Plan fully customizable for affordability to small business owners

There are three levels of service available under the Chambers Plan; basic, major, and orthodontic. The Plan can be changed from year to year if needed, so if a family member of someone in your firm requires major orthodontic work in a given calendar year, you can step up to that level of the plan and step back down the next year. This allows you to still offer the coverage that you and your employees need without consistently paying for the highest level of service.

Your Kennedy broker will review the Plan with you annually, and you can ask your staff at that time to check what their family’s requirements are. However, since most families with children require orthodontics at some point, it makes sense to stay on the highest tier if a number of your staff have families.

What’s included in the Plan?

At the Basic level, you get everything you would expect from regular dental coverage including:

  • Regular check-ups
  • Regular cleaning and scaling
  • X-rays and other diagnostic test
  • Minor restorations and fillings
  • Some oral surgery and root canal services

Major Dental covers everything in Basic service, plus crowns, onlays, denture services, and bridges. Orthodontic dental includes everything in Basic plus orthodontic costs and diagnostics, along with braces and retainers for all dependents under 17 years of age.

No need to brace yourself for a rate hike

The Chambers Plan allows for renewal at a set, predictable rate each year even if there are major claims such as braces if you choose to renew the plan you had in the previous year. This can be done because of the pooled benefits structure of the Plan which “shares the load” for all Plan members. This is especially helpful when something happens such as the Ontario Dental Association raising its fees by over 4%, as it is doing this year.

More than one-third of Canadian companies split dental costs

If your business is very small or you are operating on tight margins, consider splitting the cost with your employees since some dental coverage is better than none at all. As of 2016, more than one-third of Canadian companies were splitting the cost of dental coverage plans, paying an average of seventy-one percent of the cost of the benefits.