Wedding Insurance – Peace of Mind for Your Big Day

You’re engaged! There’s so much to plan and usually, so much to pay. But what if something happens and you can’t have your wedding on the planned day? Many venues and vendors have ironclad language written into their contracts that states that all payments and deposits are final, whether or not the wedding goes ahead as planned. Wedding insurance allows you to get some or all of this money back if specific things happen which could derail your big day.

Kennedy has chosen Weddinguard from PAL Insurance as our wedding insurance coverage of choice for many reasons – including that it covers destination weddings, which are becoming increasingly popular in North Bay and surrounding areas. PAL specializes in event insurance, which means they know much more about what needs to be covered and what doesn’t than a non-specialty insurer.

What events does wedding insurance protect you from?

Wedding insurance will cover cancellation costs for numerous reasons, including:

  • Death, injury or illness of bride, groom or anyone in the immediate family (immediate family is considered to be parents, aunts, uncles, stepparents, grandparents, in-laws, children, grandchildren, stepbrothers, stepsisters or immediate siblings)
  • Involuntary job loss on the part of the bride or groom (e.g. not quitting – insured must qualify for EI)
  • If the wedding venue cannot hold the wedding or reception due to closure of the premises
  • Extreme weather conditions which pose a threat to the safety of those attending the event or causes 50% or more of the guests to be unable to attend the wedding or reception

A job loss or the potential for extreme weather are both good reasons to get wedding insurance all on their own, especially if you’re getting married in the winter in North Bay or having a destination wedding where extreme weather events are more likely to occur.

It’s important to point out that wedding insurance does not cover the cancellation of the wedding for personal reasons.

Destination weddings and more are covered too

One of the standout features of Weddinguard is that it covers destination weddings as well as weddings within Canada. Honeymoon cancellation, bridal attire, and no-shows of booked wedding transportation are also covered. Don’t forget if you are booking a destination wedding to get travel medical insurance; you should also encourage guests and your bridal party to do the same. Weddinguard covers expenses relating to the wedding only – there is no travel medical included.

Weddinguard also covers host liquor liability for three events within a seven-day period before and after the wedding day. This could include your rehearsal dinner, reception dinner and gift opening. Often people purchase separate liquor liability policies for these events that can cost a few hundred dollars alone – this extra coverage is part of your wedding insurance package. Please note that Weddinguard will not include host liquor liability for events such as a stag and doe, bachelor or bachelorette parties that are occurring outside of the seven-day period surrounding the wedding.

For more about Weddinguard coverage, visit their website.

Wedding insurance is inexpensive

When weighed against the costs of a typical wedding, wedding insurance is inexpensive; $200-$900 depending on the cost of your wedding. Wedding insurance could cost less than your wedding cake, and gives you the most important thing you need when planning your wedding – less stress. Having wedding insurance immediately eliminates so many of the “what-ifs” that cause an engaged couple and their families to lay awake at night.

Makes a great wedding gift

Who needs more plates? If you are family or close friends of a soon-to-be-married couple, and are planning on getting them a nice gift, offer to cover their wedding insurance for them or pool together and make it a gift from a few people. This is a great gift idea for a couple holding a destination wedding that you and some of their friends may not be able to attend. The couple needs to ask us for a quote and take out the insurance, as only they really know how much the wedding costs and what the details are.

Contact us today for more information about Weddinguard wedding insurance – and give yourself or a loved one some peace of mind for the big day.