The Top 5 Questions Business Owners Have About Group Benefits

Every insurance company that you talk to will know quite a bit about group benefits, but they may not know that much about being an entrepreneur and being responsible for not just yourself and your family, but in some cases your employees and their families. It’s a huge stress point for every business owner, and … Continued

5 Factors that Cause Costs of Employee Benefits to Rise

Group benefits are a must to attract and retain top employees. However, employers can be put off by what may seem like ever-increasing premiums. There are five major factors which make group benefit premiums rise, some of which are entirely under your control, and some of which are not. 1.Fraud Fraud is the #1 reason … Continued

5 Tips to Help Employees Have A Better Work/Life Balance

Employees who fail to maintain a healthy work-life balance have poor workplace morale and productivity, experience higher rates of depression and anxiety, and report feeling burnt out and fatigued more often. This makes it crucial for employers to assist their employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. This can be done through meeting their personal … Continued

Save on Your Dental Bills and Keep Staff Smiling With the Chambers Plan

Dental bills can be daunting even without a family. But if you have kids, the regular checkups and, in some cases, orthodontic work can really start to add up. These costs can be prohibitive for small business owners with unpredictable cash flow, and can mean a major financial hit for your employees that will add … Continued

Top Recruitment Challenges Facing Northern Ontario Small Businesses in 2019

Recruiting and retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses across Northern Ontario. Unavailability of skilled workers is a major threat to our local area businesses, as recruiting and retaining employees is essential in growing and maintaining a company. The challenges of recruitment and retention can be … Continued

4 Wellness Trends for Ontario Small Businesses

According to the 2018 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey, 72% of group plan members with workplace wellness programs were most likely to be positive about their group plan. “Wellness” can mean different things to different people, but overall it means a program or service that contributes to the overall wellness of the employee, usually through preventative … Continued

How the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan Benefits Small Business

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan solves many problems for small businesses in addition to its central purpose of providing group insurance for your company. Our business is helping your business, and we do this by adding a number of value-added benefits to the mix when you join the Chambers Plan. Not-for-profit Plan structure … Continued

Getting the Insurance Discounts You’re Entitled To

Are You Getting the Insurance Discounts You’re Entitled To? You can get discounts on your insurance by doing things such as adding snow tires to your vehicle, installing a security system in your home, or changing your driving habits. But discounts on insurance don’t end there. There are dozens of discounts for insurance that you … Continued