Medical Marijuana and Your Business Insurance; Group Benefits

Medical marijuana isn’t new in Canada – it has been legal in increasing doses since 2001. However, group insurance coverage for it is something that we are just seeing now. The door has been opened to including medical marijuana on group benefit insurance plans in Ontario by some very big names: Sun Life and Manulife. … Continued

A Brief History of Life Insurance

Life insurance is an extremely important investment for anybody worried about the wellbeing of their loved ones after they pass away. If somebody close to you may suffer financially if you die, it’s important that you protect their future with a suitable life insurance policy. The idea of life insurance is not a new one … Continued

Leaving Your Home in the Winter? Consider Insurance Requirements

Nearly every home insurance policy contains some responsibilities for the homeowner if they are leaving their home for a period of time during the winter season. This time period can vary depending on your insurance company’s wordings from a few days to a couple of weeks. This is to ensure that any risks associated with … Continued

Umbrella liability – better protection for you, your home and your toys

Liability insurance isn’t something the average consumer pays attention to until they need it. Most policyholders are more concerned with the physical assets covered on their policy, and don’t take the time to consider their liability coverage. However, liability insurance is arguably one the most important pieces of your insurance policy for your vehicle, home … Continued

Insurance Considerations for Renting Out Your Cottage

If you’re renting out your cottage to cover ongoing costs, you should make sure that your insurance is covering this use of your seasonal property. Traditional seasonal property policies do cover renting to others up to 2 weeks annual, or in some cases one month. It depends on the insurance company, and the type of … Continued

Water Damage: What’s Covered and What’s Not

If you have standard homeowner’s insurance, you may think that you are covered for all damage caused by water of any kind, but this is not the case. There are certain types of water damage – specifically, sewer backup and overland water – that a standard homeowners policy does not cover. The good news is … Continued

Earthquake Insurance: Is it Worth Considering?

Earthquakes are not a common occurrence in Ontario. With a fairly major fault line in Eastern Ontario, unfortunately, to insurance companies and homeowners, an earthquake is not outside of the realm of possibility. Standard home insurance does not cover damage directly resulting from earthquakes. The only way you would have coverage due to an earthquake … Continued

Significant Changes to Auto Insurance Coverage Coming June 1, 2016

There are big changes coming to auto insurance for policies renewing June 1, 2016. These changes are the result of the Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act, passed in 2014 and incorporated into the Ontario Budget for 2015. The Act was meant to protect consumers and reduce rates, but it comes at the … Continued

Combine your insurance products for the best insurance claim outcomes

It is always in your best interests to have all of your insurance products with one insurance company. Insurers offer large discounts, and potentially can provide a certain amount of preferential treatment, when negotiating additional insurance coverages or adjusting an insurance claim. The benefits of having your policies with one insurer Insurance companies may say … Continued